About TLC

What is it?

TLC for Kids is a private English school that teaches children ages 6 months to 6 years using a unique method that involves music, visual cues, and theatrical activities. TLC for Kids not only nurtures a student’s English abilities but also develops creativity, communication skills, and logical thinking abilities. Through a small classroom environment, each student receives one-on-one time with the teacher to build self-confidence and thereby reach his full academic potential.


TLC for Kids strives to bring out the absolute best in its students by developing their learning abilities and fostering personal growth, in order to help them truly achieve a lifetime of continued learning. This proactive approach to education was developed based on scientific findings of brain-based research and involves an active method of teaching.


TLC for Kids currently has school in Hawaii and California where it teaches children in a small group format of up to 6 students per class. TLC for Kids produces all of its teaching materials including music, video, worksheets, flashcards, and lesson plans.