Private Lessons

At TLC, we will assess your child to determine his/her level. We then use these results to develop an individualized learning curriculum structured for your child’s academic needs. This individualized and targeted method of our private lesson programs will build the skills, study habits, and confidence necessary to succeed in the classroom.

Kindergarten Admission Course (Pre-K)

Many private schools with kindergarten classes will require testing and even interviews before your child is considered for acceptance. Going in unprepared could be detrimental to your child's chances of being accepted. Our kindergarten admission course is designed specifically with this in mind. We strive to prepare your child with the skills needed for individual and group testing.

  • 24 hours of one-on-one tutoring

  • Prepare for individual and group testing

  • Language skills, communication skills, motor skills, academic skills

Private School Admission Course (K-4th grade)

Acceptance into Hawaii's top private schools can be a difficult task. Even at the elementary ages, testing and interviews will be a huge part of the acceptance process. Our private school admission course is designed to help students prepare for these entrance exams. We have our own assessment and practice tests to further enhance the confidence that your child has for taking these types of tests.

  • 24 hours of one-on-one tutoring
  • 2 reading and math practice tests
  • Prepare for interview and essay writing
SSAT Prep Course (4th-8th grade)

Standardized testing plays a large role for students in today’s world. Knowing how to take these tests can mean all the difference. Tests, such as the SSAT and the SAT, though different, are still very similar. By strengthening vocabulary, reading, and math skills specifically designed for these tests, your child should have no problem at succeeding. We will assess and determine the best way to help your child be prepared.

  • 24 hours of one-on-one tutoring
  • 2 full-length SSAT practice tests
  • Prepare for interview and essay writing
  • Personal instruction tailored to student’s strengths and weaknesses
Academic Subject Tutoring Course (K-12th grade)

This course is designed specifically to help your child with problems that he/she may be having with his/her studies at school. Whether it’s math, reading, science, or even health, all subjects are covered here. If your 3rd grade student is having trouble with his/her math homework, this would be the course to take. As much as possible we will try to help him/her using our own materials.

  • English Course (Vocabulary, Reading, Writing, Homework help)
  • Math Course (Algebra, Geometry, Homework help)
  • ESL Course (Conversation, Reading, Writing)