The Methodology

TLC for Kids differentiates from other competing English schools through its special teaching method that materializes quick and effective results. Instead of taking a traditional approach to teaching, TLC strives to make learning fun for the students through three different channels.




Visual Cues


Theatrical Activities



These approaches to teaching stimulate memory and oral communication skills as well as creativity. Memory games, mazes, and hands-on activities also help to develop analytical thinking abilities Acting as a supplement to in-class activities is a comprehensive set of homework catered to the student’s level of ability. In addition, parents are able to access the monthly music and video files that are used in class to further solidify the students’ memory retention and create strong study habits. By doing so, the children will experience the learning process without the strain of traditional methods, making them the ones wanting to come back to learn.


Effective & Visible Results

Parents trust how beneficial and effective TLC for Kids' methods are after recognizing their child’s improvements and development. Children love the fun and excitement of learning with music at TLC for Kids, while also becoming confident learners. After hearing the English songs in class, children are able to sing along from themselves, often times as quickly as in a week. Aside from the music, theatrical activities serve to develop fluency and comprehension of the English language by tying a bridge between the words children hear and their meanings. This visible output is a clear indicator of the children’s learning and provides confidence to the parents.