Private Lessons Available!

TLC for Kids is offering private lessons for children age 4-12 years old. TLC private lessons can help boost your child’s self esteem and confidence. These are very important factors when it comes to learning any subject. The more confident your child feels with their work, the more creative their thought processes becomes. As always, our private classes can be purchased in 12 or 24 class increments.

Kindergarten Admission Prep Course

Academic Subject Tutoring

Intensive English Course

To Apply: Please call TLC for Kids at 808-593-1312 or email us.

Kindergarten Reading & Math Class (4-5 years old)


This class will focus primarily on phonemic awareness and mastery of reading the basic short vowel word families. Vocabulary and comprehension will also be among the main aspects of reading that will be focused on. This program will accustom your child to age appropriate reading skills using our music and phonics based system.

Math & Problem Solving

Students will be introduced to math basics using a combination of music, activities, and educational games. Students will learn about shapes, numbers, counting strategies, and other basic math fundamentals.

Grade 1 Reading & Math Class (5-6 years old)

Reading Enrichment

The 5-6 year old reading classes will dive deeper into reading by examining long vowels, digraphs, and multiple sounds. Using our methods and exercises, students will also strengthen their spelling, vocabulary, and comprehension.

Math & Problem Solving

Within this class, students will learn about addition, subtraction, counting methods, and problem solving. Students will enjoy many different games, activities, music, and exercises all designed to improve their math knowledge.