Q1: What is TLC for Kids?
A: TLC for Kids (The Learning Center for Kids) is an early childhood enrichment school that teaches children using a unique teaching method that involves music and flashcards. We also provide private lessons to meet older children's educational needs. We effectively incorporate Eastern and Western teaching methods in our lessons and interact with students in ways that help them form good study skills. This also motivates children more, enhances memory and thinking skills, and leads to an appreciation of good study habits.


Q2: When should my child start TLC for Kids?
A: We accept children as young as 18 months and as old as 5 years old for our group sessions. Private lessons will accept students 4 years and up. Singing up for a free introductory class will allow you and your child a chance to experience TLC’s innovative teaching methods and determine whether or not it’s right for your child. It also allows the teacher to properly place your child in a class suitable for him/her. If you are interested in private lesson, please give us a call at (808) 593-1312.


Q3: Is my child the right age for TLC for Kids?
A: Within our program, the younger the child starts, the better off that child will be. Between the ages of the 18 months and 5 years old, children are able to absorb huge amounts of information. Also younger child can easily establish good study habits.


Q4: How soon will I see results for my child?
A: Every child is different when it comes to learning. Some children have matured more than others at a given age. Which means some children will grasp concepts quicker than others. We can only strive to help each child learn at a desired pace.

It is important to remember that each student is in our classroom for 45 minutes throughout the week.  Our lessons are quite intensive, and the best results usually occur with parents who are able to spend a little time daily to review and practice materials given to them in class.


Q5: How much of a time commitment does TLC require?
A: Our group lesson classes are 45 minutes long, with only one class per week.  However, we provide materials that can be used at home with your child.  Simply 10-20 minutes a day of reviewing  or practicing may be enough.  Remember, every child is different.


Q6: Why is the TLC method so effective?
A: It is a tested and proven method which has been used in Japan for years.  Our unique and proven curriculum focuses on expanding their capacity to think creatively, use their imagination, and engage their memory skills.  By using distinct visual cues and entertaining music, we are able to successfully teach our students.


Q7: Does TLC offer preparation for private school admissions tests?
A: Yes and no. We do not specifically teach our students with the goal of admission to private schools. However, many of our students use our classes for that purpose because our classes do cover many of the things which may be required on a private school admission test.


Q8: How can I preview a free class?
A: Call (808) 593-1312 or follow the link below to schedule an appointment.  Your child can sit in an actual class and participate with the class as well.  Parents are allowed to watch the introductory class and decide for themselves whether or not to sign up.


Q9: How much do classes cost?
A: TLC classes cost $130-$150 per month.  There is also a $100 registration fee for each child.  If your child will miss a month of classes for any reason, you have the option to pay $30 for class reservation and receive the homework for that month.


Q10: Why should I enroll my child in a TLC program?
A: TLC offers children an opportunity to learn at an accelerated rate. It will prepare children for the challenges of a normal classroom setting and provide them with learning strategies that will give them the head start over other students.


Q11: How do I enroll my child in a TLC program?
A: Call (808) 593-1312 to schedule an appointment for a free introductory class.


Q12: How do I schedule a makeup class?
A: It is best to call as far in advance as possible.  Call (808) 593-1312 to schedule a make up class.  If possible, try to speak with the teacher of your child…as they would know the most appropriate make up class for your child to try.  Make up classes must be completed within the month of the missed class date unless other arrangements were made with the teacher.


Q13: How do I cancel a class?
A: Call (808) 593-1312 to cancel a class. Please try to call as far in advance as possible.


Q14: Are teachers certified?
A: All teachers have at least a Bachelor’s degree.


Q15: How much Japanese knowledge is required to enroll in a Japanese class?
A: Japanese classes are taught in Japanese. If your child does not speak Japanese or speaks very little Japanese, our regular Japanese class may be too challenging for them. However, we do offer a Japanese as a Second Language (JSL) classes as an alternative for students who know little to no Japanese. Very young students (18 mo-3 years) who have not started speaking in their dominant language may try taking either the Japanese class or JSL class.